We are "The Anti-Virus"
"Sanitizing Product Company"
Ethyl Alcohol based "SANITIZER" company. Most Effective, 75% of ethyl alcohol for sanitizer.
Korea official lab test reports confirmed sterilize 99.9% of Pneumonia, MRSA virus within 60 seconds.
​Org Chart
​Company History

08. Retain logistics in six cities across U.S.A

05. Established Paaneeco international(California branch)

03. Changed types of business to sanitizing products manufacturing


07. Moved HQ to Incheon, Korea. Changed company name to PaaNeeCo, Inc.


02. Certified R&D office by Department of Technical Assurance


02. Registered as Venture Corporation


08. Green Certificate was granted by Korea Environment Dept., Registered as Water Saving Specialist Company, Registered ISO9001, ISO9004


04. Installed Hybrid Water Saving Urinals at Seoul Nation U. Environmental Engineering Building


11. Registered 4 patents

05. KC Safe Material Certificate (Odor eliminate and Sealant)


04. Found Waterless Labs, Inc in Kyonggi Do, Korea

Production Line
  • Sanitizing Gel

  • Sanitizing Wipes

KF94, Dental mask(N95) production line

​Large Pump Container

Yes Hospital in Bun Dang

Art Hall in Cheong Ju

Highway Rest Area

Gyeong-bok High School

Public Office

  • High School

  • High School

  • Elementary School

  • Elementary School

  • Education Office

  • Capitol

  • Middle School

  • Middle School

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