​Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Gel(Alcohol 75%)
  • Sanitizing Gel 500ml

  • Refill Pack 5L

  • Refill Bottle 18L

Type Capacity
KOREA(Perfect Care Gel) 60mlㆍ500mlㆍ975mlㆍ5Lㆍ18L
  • Contain minimum component(no harmful material / Less residue after use )
  • 5L, 18L : used for Large Pump Container(5L) and Cabinet(18L) / cost-effective / last long / bulk(reduce plastic waste)
  • 500ml : used for small office or house
​Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes(Alcohol 75%)
  • 10 wipes

  • 60 wipes

Type Capacity
KLEAN 10 wipesㆍ60 wipes
  • 10 wipes portable : hand bag, pocket, etc
  • 60 wipes last long : office, house, school, etc

100 wipes

Type Capacity
KLEAN 100 wipes
  • Bulk - Canister type Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  • Last long - office, building, school, etc



550 wipes

Type Capacity
KLEAN 550 wipes
  • Bulk pack : gym, densely populated area
  • How to use

    - Remove label from the lid than first sheet will pop up

    - Pull out sheet aside from hole

    * If first sheet falls into container, pull out wipe from center of roll and insert it into lid.

Large Pump Container

10L(5L 2ea) Container

  • 10L : suitable for large building that many people come in and out
  • 2 packs of 5L refill pack
  • Not need table for 500ml sanitizer : looks tidy and convenient
  • Hospital, school, church, public office
  • Size : diameter x height(100Øx1100mm)

18L Cabinet

  • 18L Cabinet for 18L refill bottle
  • 100% Solid Wood : luxury look
  • Hotel, resort, large building
  • Size : 300mm x 300mm x 900mm

[ Use Guide ]

​Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Mist(Alcohol 75%)
Type Capacity
KLEAN 150ml
​KF94 mask / Dental mask
Product Name KF94
(Korean Filter 94 mask)
Dental mask
Production Capacity 2 hundred million pcs per month
​Sterilize 99.9% of Pneumonia, MRSA germs
Hand Sanitizing Wipes : Test report of pneumococcus,
MRSA from KATRI(Watering&Cleaning Technology Research Center)
No harmful chemical material
No fluorochrome, no formaldehyde


  • Hand Sanitizing Gel
  • Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  • Large Pump Container
  • Hand Sanitizing Mist
  • KF94/Dental Mask